About us

The International Lymphoedema Framework

Improving the management of lymphoedema worldwide

The success of the UK Lymphoedema Framework in improving the management of this condition in Great Britain has led many international Lymphoedema experts to express an interest in the Framework Methodology and Spirit. This is why Christine Moffatt CBE and her team decided to set up the International Lymphoedema Framework (ILF) as a charity.

The choice of charitable status is a strong message to the lymphoedema community on the ethos and vision that govern the Framework. It is also a guarantee of the independance of the ILF in the ethical use of its resources and its capacity to actively contribute to the improvement of the management of lymphoedema worldwide and especially in developing countries.


We believe that:
  • Patients should always be at the heart of the Framework Projects.
  • Only a collaborative and multidisciplinary partnership between all stakeholders, recognised as experts, can lead to an improvement in the management of lymphoedema.
  • Improving the management of lymphoedema is a dynamic process requiring ongoing research and implementation into practice.
  • International collaboration is essential.

Our Vision

We work for creating a better everyday life for people worldwide who live with lymphoedema and related disorders.

Our Goals

  • Disseminate this knowledge by implementing an international, not-for-profit publications strategy
  • Facilitate and/or contribute to better access to treatment for patients worldwide
  • Help the health care industry understand the real needs of patients and practitioners, and develop and evaluate diagnostic tools and treatments
  • Increase awareness by raising the profile of lymphoedema
  • Increase knowledge about lymphoedema by initiating and/or contributing to research programmes
  • Increase understanding of lymphoedema and its management by creating and/or contributing to the development of education programmes
  • Provide a cross cultural networking platform through an annual international event where all stakeholders will have the opportunity to contribute and influence the ILF agenda
  • Promote and document best practice with the development of an international minimum dataset
  • Promote and facilitate international collaboration
  • Promote and support initiatives whose goals are to improve the national/regional/local management of lymphoedema anywhere in the world.

Our Beliefs

  • We value the knowledge and experience of people living with lymphoedema
  • Compassion
  • Care
  • We are passionate about changing the life’s of people living with lymphoedema
  • Drive / Dynamic
  • Power: We are stronger together than separate
  • Inspiration
  • Courage
  • Value-based.

Governing Board of Trustees

The Governing Board of Trustees is made up of opinion experts and leaders in their field, from around the world – who volunteer their time and expertise.
Find out about our current trustees in the list below.
Christine Moffatt, Professor CBE FRCN PhD MA RGN DN

Ellen Collard

Tonny Karlsmark, MD Assoc. Professor

David Keast, BSc MSc Dip Ed MD CCFP FCFP(LM)

Susie Murray, RGN (retired) RHV (retired), MA
S.R. Narahari, MD, Dermatologist

Susan Nørregaard, RN DH

Isabelle Quéré, Professor MD PhD

Martina Sykorova, Mgr MA MRes

Melanie Thomas, Physiotherapist

Honorary Members

In addition, the Governing Board of Trustees includes two honorary members.
Hiromi Sanada, Professor PhD RN WOCN

Peter Franks, Professor PhD

International Lymphoedema Framework Registered Office: 7-8 , Ritz Parade, Western Avenue, London, W5 3RA
Registered in England (No 0679 2587); Registered Charity in England and Wales (No 1134989)
Office of the Secretariat: Nordre Fasanvej 113, 2000 Frederiksberg C, Denmark; Phone: +45 7020 0305