Child LIMPRINT is the first national prevalence study to determine the number of children and young people. This study is supported by an international panel of experts and has been awarded a major grant of 4.6 million DKK by the ELLAB-Foundation in 2021 to run over the next five years. 

Initial funding was provided by ILF to design the project and to enable us to seek grant funding. 


Project Summary

Bispebjerg Hospital, Denmark

Child Limprint is coordinated by the Copenhagen Wound Healing and Lymphoedema Centre at Bispebjerg Hospital, Denmark
To estimate the national prevalence and impact of lymphoedema in children and young adults (aged up to 30 years) within the Danish population, using a staged approach and mixed methods.
To define:
  • the underlying mechanisms leading to lymphoedema caused by cancer and other causes
  • the aetiology according to clinical, genetic and psychosocial characteristics using an international algorithm
  • the associated co-morbidities and complications.
To examine:
  • the natural and family history of lymphoedema
  • the cost burden associated with lymphoedema on patients and families
  • the impact on functional status
  • the impact on quality of life.
To identify
  • health indices for all groups
  • the impact on families as a whole.

Study Setting
National study coordinated by the Copenhagen Wound Healing and lymphoedema Centre at Bispebjerg Hospital, Denmark
Progress to Date
The study has full ethical approval (project H-19083222 ) and has recruited 84 children since its inception.
Screening of the data registry commenced, and a random sample has been identified to be included in the study. All those included will be prospectively followed up at 6 monthly intervals throughout the project and clinical, cost and quality of life data (EQ5D and disease specific tools) captured.