Education Needs of HCPs

International Survey: The Education Needs of Healthcare Professionals working with Children and Young People with Lymphoedema

What education and learning resources do medical practitioners and lymphoedema therapists need to treat children and young people with lymphoedema? Our research shows that lymphoedema practitioners and medical practitioners in many parts of the world have found treating children and young people with lymphoedema (CYPwL) very challenging. Very few countries have specific guidelines and there are very few opportunities to attend specific training in treating paediatric lymphoedema. This project is a collaboration between the ILF, Lymphoedema Wales, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (USA), Prof Dr Pinar Borman (Turkey) and the Children’s Lymphoedema Special Interest Group (CLSIG, UK). It is an opportunity to share your views on what education and learning resources would be useful. We appreciate this will probably be different in each country. We hope that the findings from the project can inform future developments by lymphoedema programme educators, academic organisations and corporate partners who do so much to support our specialism. For details of funding and R&D ethics approval, or any other questions about the project, please contact Dr Rhian Noble-Jones.

The survey closes on 31 July 2022.
Lymffoedema Cymru

Why take this survey?

The video is by Cheryl Tierney and her two children Mary-Kate and Ben who were both born with Primary Lymphoedema. They describe what a wonderful difference it has made having a lymphoedema therapist who is knowledgeable about the specific care needed by children who have lymphoedema. They are asking all health professionals who identify and treat children and young people with lymphoedema to do the new international survey by Lymphoedema Wales and ILF so that we can understand what education is needed by health professionals.
“Together we can improve education, to improve care”
Dr Rhian Noble-Jones