Part of the Governing Board of Trustees

Susie Murray, RGN (retired) RHV (retired), MA

Susie has been associated with the ILF since its conception. Her background is as a nurse and midwife and she spent the last 25 years of her career as a Health Visitor working with families with small children to encourage the parents in their own and their family’s physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

When Susie ‘retired’ she was approached by the ILF to undertake interviews with children who had lymphoedema (and their parents) inorder for the ILF to develop an understanding of what it was like for the child who had lymphoedema and their family to live with this condition. The study sought to know how the family managed on a daily basis, their experiences of the services provided in the UK, and what they thought could happen to improve the life of their child. Even more importantly the project objectives were to find out from the child their experiences and ways of dealing with a condition that would be long-term.
Following this study and since getting ‘hooked’ on lymphoedema, Susie has spent the last few years working as a Clinical Trial Monitor in a range of lymphoedema studies for the ILF. She is presently co-ordinating the ILF international prevalence study – LIMPRINT.

Susie is committed to the ILF in the coming years to enable it to better carry out the task it has set for itself and ensure that the best management of lymphoedema and chronic oedema will develop worldwide.