Part of the Governing Board of Trustees

S.R. Narahari, MD, Dermatologist

Dermatologist SR Narahari is the director of the Institute of Applied Dermatology (IAD), an internationally acknowledged centre for morbidity management and disability prevention of Lymphatic Filariasis and other lymphoedemas. It is located in resource-poor primary health care and a challenging setting in Kasaragod, Kerala, India. He pioneered clinician-led bedside integrative medicine by combining therapeutics of Ayurveda & Yoga with Biomedicine for lymphoedema. He leads integrative medicine research, intersectoral collaborations, and patient-centred care and education to meet the needs of chronic diseases.

In 2010, a WHO publication discussed lymphoedema and wound care and named IAD a lead lymphology clinic worldwide.  In 2021 IAD completed a project of WHO SEARO, New Delhi, for data analysis of 1500 lymphoedema patients who are followed up for over seven years. In 2014, the Government of Kerala established its ‘Centre for Integrated Medicine and Public Health’ in IAD under public-private partnership for furthering activities of R&D and events related to community dermatology.
The organisation’s current goal is to analyse remaining lymphodema data and set up satellite lymphoedema treatment services in endemic regions of Lymphatic Filariasis. To date, Dr Narahari has published 85 papers. All his work in IAD is honorary.

Dr Narahari joined the ILF Board in November 2021.