11th International Lymphoedema Framework conference

Thank you for your participation at the 11th International Lymphoedema Framework Conference, which will be held on 13 - 15 June 2023 at the University of Nottingham, as well as online.

East Midlands Conference Centre
University of Nottingham
Main Conference
13 – 15 June 2023
Patient Day
15 June 2023
Virtual Conference
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Thankyou for your support!

On behalf of the ILF, Welsh Framework and the International Lipoedema Association (ILA) thank you for supporting our 11th International Lymphoedema Framework Conference which took place between 13th - 15th June in Nottingham.            
The conference welcomed over 530 attendees from 36 countries, 107 speakers across the 14 themes and 24 exhibiting industry partners. We were also delighted to live stream the main conference theatre content to an audience of over a 1000 virtual attendees. The Patient Day also returned, welcoming 44 patients to the event.

This year’s theme ‘Stronger Together’ was very fitting, as the conference brought together so many professionals all sharing and networking to help raise awareness and prioritise lymphoedema on the worldwide healthcare agenda.

If you were unable to join us in Nottingham, you can still register as a virtual Conference attendee and catch up on all of the presentations streamed live from the main conference theatre.

We look forward to seeing you again at our next conference in 2025, please continue to visit our website and social media for announcements.

Kind regards,
Christine Moffatt CBE (ILF Chair) and Melanie Thomas (Scientific Committee Chair & Welsh Framework Lead)

Scientific programme

Download the programme and visit the speaker gallery.

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View all abstracts presented at the conference.

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Sponsors & Exhibits

Sponsors & exhibitors

Meet the exhibitors that attended and catch up on the industry live presentations.

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Scientific and Organising Committee

Scientific Chair
Melanie Thomas, Clinical Director Lymphoedema Wales Clinical Network (ILF)
Chair ILF
Christine Moffatt CBE, Professor of Clinical Nursing Research at the University of Nottingham School of Nursing, Midwifery and Physiotherapy, United Kingdom, (ILF)

The ILF would like to thank all of our Scientific and Organising Committee board members for their contributions.
Scientific Committee
Ellie Dring, Representative NTU
Jane Rankin, Lymphoedema Network Northern Ireland
Kate Sinclair, British Lymphology Society
Kay Morris, National Lymphoedema Partnership
Linda Gibson, Professor NTU
Margaret-Anne Garner, Scottish Lymphoedema Practitioners Network
Dr Narahari, ILF Board Member
Carol Ellis, MLD UK
Rebecca Elwell, BLS, CLSIG
Dr Rhian Noble-Jones, LCNW, British Lymphology Society
Sandro Michelini, Italian Framework
Dr Tobias Bertsch, International Lipoedema Association
Tonny Karlsmark, ILF Board Member
Vaughan Keeley, Derby Lymphoedema Service

Collaborating Associations

The International Lymphoedema Framework (ILF)
The ILF was established as a UK charity in 2009. The framework developed from a project aiming at bringing together the main stakeholders involved in the management of lymphoedema in the United Kingdom in 2002, but the ILF rapidly spread to become an international project with an objective to support individual countries develop a long-term strategy for lymphoedema management.
Today the ILF works in partnership with 15 national frameworks around the world, all working to improve the management of lymphoedema and related disorders.
The ILF believe:
  • That patients should always be at the heart our objectives and achievements
  • Improvement of lymphoedema management is a dynamic process that will require ongoing research and implementation into practice
  • International collaboration is essential
  • We are stronger together
The ILF goals:
  • To increase awareness by raising the profile of lymphoedema.
  • Facilitate and contribute towards better access to treatment for patients worldwide.
  • Provide a better understanding of the needs of patients for the health care industry.
  • Promote, initiate and support research & education programmes.
  • Promote and document best practice.
Click here to become an affiliate of the ILF
Click here for more information on the ILF
The Lymphoedema Wales Clinical Network
In April 2011, the Welsh Government allocated £1 million recurring to implement the Strategy for Lymphoedema in Wales published two years previously. The Strategy aims to enable all lymphoedema patients access to the appropriate services at the right place, right time and with the right person regardless of whether their lymphoedema is related to cancer or not.
The All Wales Lymphoedema Network Board has been established to maintain a strategic oversight of the Strategy for Lymphoedema in Wales. The Chair of the Network Board is Fiona Jenkins, Executive Director of Therapies and Health Sciences for Cardiff & Vale University Health Board.
The Network has been coordinated through a virtual network approach, for NHS Wales to:
  • Oversee the planning of services for NHS Wales, ensuring recommendations in the Strategy are implemented locally
  • Oversee clinical education and training requirements for the network area
  • Advise on how Health Boards should respond to strategic developments as they arise
  • Provide the source of composite advice of Health Boards to Welsh Government when required
  • Advise on allocation of funding as services change or as funding arrangements change
Click here to visit the Lymphoedema Wales Clinical Network Website
The International Lipoedema Association (ILA)
The International Lipoedema Association (ILA) was founded in 2021 by 60 renowned healthcare professionals from 22 countries.

We aim to create the best possible treatment for our lipoedema patients by collaborating in an international, diverse, inclusive, and multidisciplinary team. Our holistic treatment approach is based on clinical evidence, long-standing experience, and a passion for improved therapy outcomes.

Click here to visit the International Lipoedema Association Website

We would also like to thank Nottingham University Hospitals and Nottingham Trent University for supporting the ILF 2023 Conference.

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