View the Abstract presentations from the ILF conference 2023

Abeer Felmban (Saudi Arabia) The effect of physical therapy equipment on treatment of lymphoedema Read
Aleksandra Rovnaia (Russia) Building of the lymphedema awareness and treatment system in Russia Read
An-Kathleen Heroes (Belgium) Predictive variables for a larger improvement of lymphoedema-specific quality of life 6 months after participations in an intensive multidisciplinary treatment programme in patients with lower limb lymphoedema Read
Ana Poljičanin (Croatia) Breast cancer prehabilitation program development and implementation into Croatian healthcare system — EDUMaRe Read
Anita Rebecca Sundrasekaran (Qatar) The use of a compliance assessment tool in garment prescription and fitting for patients with lymphedema and lipedema in the state of Qatar Read
Ayla Cagliyan Turk (Turkey) The frequency of fibromyalgia syndrome in lipoedema and its effects on anxiety, depression and quality of life Read
Ayla Cagliyan Turk (Turkey) Sleep quality, fatigue and quality of life in women with lipedema Read
Charlotte Joergensen (Denmark) Development of clinical practice Read
Charlotte Van Calster (Belgium) Characteristics of lymphoedema, in particular midline lymphoedema, after treatment for prostate cancer: a retrospective study Read
Cheryl Brunelle (USA) Bioimpedance spectroscopy  
Cheryl Pike (UK) Patient outcomes from wearing Mobiderm intimate genital lymphoedema compression garments  
Clare Anvar (UK) Case series of women with ‘breast-cancer related
lymphoedema’ induced by aromatase inhibitor,
David Doubblestein (USA) A core outcome set for breast cancer-related lymphedema: a Delphi Consensus Study Read
Denise Hardy (UK) Active lipoedema patient committed to improve her condition with an innovative flat-knit garment Read
Dorit Tidhar (Israel) Aqua jogging — a way to improve wellbeing for women who survived breast cancer Read
Eline Hoogstra (Netherlands) European patient organizations unite to put compression #underpressure Read
Elvira Albrecht (Germany) Embodiment (dance and movement, mindfulness and reconnection to the body)  
Fawzeyah Alharbi (UK) Exploring the strategy for the enablers and barriers to implementing a skin integrity program in the Middle Eastern countries (Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, and Egypt) Read
Figen Ayhan (Turkey) Unmet needs of breast cancer rehabilitation services in
Covid era
Figen Ayhan (Turkey) Advanced diagnostics and management in patients with lipoedema Read
Garry Cooper -Stanton (UK) Developing a position document on manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) Read
Garry Cooper-Stanton (UK) The perception of self-care by men diagnosed with lymphoedema: an online survey within the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland Read
Gillian Buckley (Australia) Breast lymphoedema following breast cancer treatment Read
Jane Armer (USA) Survivors with Covid-19 are more likely to experience lymphoedema and fatigue  
Jane Armer (USA) Understanding lymphedema self-care challenges for breast cancer survivors living in a resource-restricted communit Read
Jane Armer (USA) Promoting chronic wound healing in a community with limited resources  
Jane Phillips (Australia) Fluid distribution in upper limb primary lymphoedema and its response to compression Read
Janet Massey Lymphostatic fibrosclerosis — why we need the words to say what we see and feel  
Joanne Browne (UK) Case study: a multi-disciplinary approach to managing recurring cellulitis secondary to a complex chronic wound in an adult with lower leg lymphoedema Read
Joseph Harfouche (Belgium) Should we really forget about MLD in patients with BCRL and other lymphoedemas? Read
Justine Whitaker (UK) Lipoedema patient experienced with compression therapy evaluates an innovative flat-knit garment  
Karen Bock (USA) Sleep quality and lymphedema in breast cancer survivors: a mixed methods study Read
Karen Bock (USA) The impact of sleep on the lives of women who have
breast cancer-related lymphedema: a qualitative
Karl Hocking (UK) Pilot study to identify the need for lymphoedema input at community virtual wards Read
Lesley Macleod (UK), Yolande Borthwick (UK) Exploring the psychological and psychosocial effects of facial disfigurement on the lived experience of head and neck cancer patients: a structured literature review Read
Linda Jenkins (UK) Cellulitis education in primary care Read
Margaret Anne Garner (UK) Group singing for people with lymphoedema or lipoedema. Report on a funded pilot project Read
Margaret Anne Garner (UK) Women’s experiences of breast/truncal lymphoedema: a retrospective audit of case notes Read
Margaret McNeely (Canada) Upper limb dysfunction in newly diagnosed individuals after surgery for breast cancer: baseline results from the AMBER cohort study Read
Margit Eidenberger (Austria) Manual lymphatic drainage and additional physiotherapy in male breast cancer: a case-report Read
Marie-Eve Letellier (Canada)ed Independent prospective follow-up of lymphedema
patients who have undergone lymphatic surgeries
Marize Ibrahim (Canada) Management of lymphedema related to head and neck cancer Read
Mette Lund Jørgensen (Denmark) From debilitating lymphedema to improved quality of life — bandaging based on fundamentals of care (FoC) Read
Mierra Robinson (USA) Quantitative analysis of cadaveric axillary lymph nodes Read
Nadiv Shapira (USA) Lymphatics preservation during lipedema surgery Read
Pinar Borman (Turkey) The efficacy of complete decongestive treatment
and laser therapy in a male patient with advanced
genital lymphedema
Pinar Borman (Turkey) The frequency and severity of urinary incontinence in women with lipedema: relationship between quality of life  
Pınar Borman (Turkey) Body composition by bioelectrical impedance and ultrasonographic findings in a group of patients with lipoedema and lower-limb lymphedema: relation with quality of life and functional status  
Raoul van Loon (UK) Mechanical characterisation of skin using suction experiments, modelling and machine learning Read
Robyn Sierla (Australia) A learning health environment for lymphoedema. Laying the groundwork for digital transformation Read
Robyn Sierla (Australia) Preventing cellulitis. What is the evidence for (non-pharmacological) secondary prevention? Read
Sandrine Mestre Godin (France) Renal disease (or renal abnormalities) in primary lymphoedema Read
Sarah Thomis (Belgium) Relation between characteristics of ICG lymphography and the development of breast cancer-related lymphedema Read
Shelley DiCecco (USA) Genital lymphedema compression garments: can less be more?  
Susan Witt (Germany) Impact of climatic variations on lymphoedema — the patient perspective Read
Susan Witt (Germany) 84-year old lady with complex lower limb lymphoedema and wounds – a case study Read
Tanja Planinsek Rucigaj (Slovenia) Where is the role of intermittent pneumatic compression in the treatment of patients with stage II secondary lymphedema of the leg, after treatment gynecological cancer? Read
Tessa De Vrieze (Belgium) Reliability, concurrent validity and time-efficiency of measurement methods assessing volume in patients with lower limb lymphoedema and healthy controls Read
Vaughan Keeley (UK) Flexidose study  
Yolande Borthwick (UK) The role of a volunteer telephone support service (VTSS) in supporting a lymphoedema service Read