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ILF Webinars

ILF Webinars is a series of free webinars on lymphoedema and related topics. The webinars are focusing on selected ILF key topics, such as genital lymphoedema, children with lymphoedema, genital oedema, cellulitis, wounds, outcome measures, and LIMPRINT.

The webinars are produced by the ILF and the speakers are members of the ILF Board of Directors and other international lymphoedema experts.

The webinars will include presentations and live Q&A sessions. After the live sessions complete recordings will be available on-demand.

The programme will be regularly updated as details are confirmed.

Please notice that a Certificate of attendance is available if you participate in minimum 70% of the webinar (live or on-demand). Please contact the ILF Secretariat for further information info@lympho.org


JUNE 2021

Topic: COVID-19 impact on lymphoedema clinics

Speakers: Dr Melanie Thomas, UK, Dr Rhian Noble-Jones, UK, Sandrine Mestre Godin, FR

Description: The COVID-19 pandemic caused a world-wide health crisis and has affected clinics throughout the world. How did lymphoedema services and wound clinics function during corona lockdown? This question will be discussed at the next ILF Webinar from a Welsh and a French perspective. Drs Melanie Thomas and Rhian Noble-Jones will present the research they have done over COVID-19 in Wales and how they changed format using LYMPROM and virtual means to ensure patients were supported. Furthermore, Dr Sandrine Mestre Godin will talk about how the COVID-19 situation in France has affected the centres in lymphology in regard to access to diagnosis and treatment, request for vaccination and impact on education programmes.

Date and time: 22 June 2021 (11:30 am (BST))

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Previous webinars

MAY 2021

Topic: “Wounds and lymphoedema” 26 May 2021

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Dr S.R. Narahari, MD, DVD, Director, Institute of Applied Dermatology, Kasaragod, Kerala, India: Lymphatic filariasis and lower leg wounds in resource limited settings

Dr David Keast, BSc(hon), MSc, DipEd, MD, CCFP, FCFP(LM), St. Joseph’s Parkwood Institute, London, Ontario, Canada: Chronic oedema/Lymphoedema of the lower extremity: A diagnostic and therapeutic challenge.

APRIL 2021

Topic:Cellulitis in chronic oedema” 28 April 2021

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Speakers: Tonny Karlsmark MD and Ewa Anna Burian MD, Bispebjerg Hospital, Copenhagen, DK

Description: Why is cellulitis a frequent condition in patients with swollen legs? This important topic will be discussed by Tonny Karlsmark and Ewa Anna Burian, DK, including the clinical manifestation of cellulitis, diagnostic pitfalls, and the current evidence on the treatment and prevention of cellulitis.



Topic: “Let’s Talk about Genital Oedema” 24 February 2021

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Description: International presenters Drs. Melanie Thomas and Rhian Noble-Jones will discuss some of the issues in assessing and managing genital oedema in both men and women, using film clips, case studies and examples of the new documentation they have developed for their patients in Wales. There will also be an opportunity for questions.

Speakers: Melanie Thomas, UK; Rhian Noble-Jones, UK


Topic: “Living with lymphoedema and looking to the future: A patient and clinician perspective” 17 December 2020


Description: Isabelle Quéré, FR, and Ellen Collard, UK, discuss the implications of living with lymphoedema and look to the future from a patient as well as a clinician perspective.

Ellen is presenting her story as a child growing up with primary lymphoedema, and her experience about how to learn to deal with the psychosocial aspects. Isabelle presents new therapeutic options for treatment of lymphoedema and lymphatic malfunctions, and what these may mean for the future of a child living with lymphoedema today.

Speakers: Isabelle Quéré, (Prof, MD, PhD), University of Montpellier, France; Ellen Collard (primary lymphoedema patient, medical student), Cardiff University, UK

French subtitling

Titre: “Vivre avec un lymphoedème au quotidien tout en étant tourné vers son avenir : point de vue du patient et du clinicien”


L’International Lymphœdema Framework (ILF) a réalisé en décembre 2020 un Webinar avec la participation de Ellen, patiente atteinte d’un lymphoedème primaire, et celle du professeur Isabelle Quéré, toutes deux membres du conseil d’administration de l’ILF.

Cette conversation aborde les différents aspects du retentissement du lymphoedème primaire sur le quotidien et les ressources qu’on a en nous et qu’on peut mobiliser pour rester positif.
Ce webinar, suivi par plus de 500 personnes, est aujourd’hui accessible avec un sous-titrage en français.


Topic: “Lymphoedema: Does climate change matter?” 12 November 2020


Description: Have you wondered how climate change might alter the likelihood of developing lymphoedema? And what might be the likely implications for those people who already have lymphoedema? Professor Sue Gordon and Professor Neil Piller will discuss with insights based on current knowledge and personal inference.

Speakers: Sue Gordon, Australia; Neil Piller, Australia


Topic: “Problem-solving in complex chronic oedema/lymphoedema and wounds: The case of compression” 6 October 2020


Description: Through real life videos we are presenting cases of patients who are requiring compression bandaging for different presentations of chronic oedema/lymphoedema. Different approaches and solutions to manage these patients will be discussed.

Speakers: Christine Moffatt, UK; Susan Nørregaard, DK