Date: 20 January 2022

Saudi Arabia new National Lymphoedema Framework

We are proud to announce that Saudi Arabia Lymphoedema Framework (SALF) has joined the ILF as a new national lymphoedema framework.
SALF is a non-profit organisation that works nationally to uphold the philosophy of the ILF and collaborates with it and with other national frameworks in other parts of the world.

The mission of SALF is to improve the management, training and research in lymphology, lymphoedema and related disorders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Patients and health care professionals are the center of the work of SALF. SALF aims to promote and facilitate the best possible standards of care, connecting HCPs in one platform, influencing the research, and encouraging training and education, which are following the National Transformation Program 2030.

SALF is lead by an Executive Committee and its President Dr Asma Alderaa.

Read more about SALF on their Twitter channel.

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