Date: 08 December 2023

Press Release: Ugandan Framework

December 6th 2023

It was with enormous excitement and pride that I joined the Uganda Framework last week to take part in the first LIMPRINT study in low-income countries. Many of you know that ILF has been undertaking a programme of epidemiology in high in come countries over the last decade to try and show, not only the size of this problem, but far more importantly its impact. We never have had within ILF the resource to be able to undertake LIMPRINT in low-income countries although we have longed to do so. All this has come together now because of a number of amazing opportunities. I was introduced to colleagues in Uganda through a truly Global leader Professor Linda Gibson who is Professor of Global Public Health who works with colleagues from Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda.

The Ugandan framework was born this year and is ably led by Dr Arthur Bagonza (clinical epidemiologist) and Lydia Kabiri (nurse). Thanks to the ILF and a small private donation we have been able to fund a pilot study in Uganda. This work is supported by Dr Narahari from India who is a pioneer working to establish a low-cost programme in India funded by the
Gates Foundation in which ILF are partners. His model of care has already been  acknowledged as a model of care by the WHO. As you will see below, we have full government support in Uganda for the work we are undertaking and I believe we will be able to offer programmes of support to help people living with Lymphoedema very soon

I certainly feel that at last the world is opening its eyes to the appalling problem of Lymphoedema across the world and I am proud to lead such a committed group of people around the world who are also determined to do this as well. Yet as I write this I reflect on the very real struggles you are all facing to maintain or establish Lymphoedema services in many countries. Our ILF motto “belong together” is the ethos we believe should underpin all our work.

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