Date: 26 May 2023

Montpellier Lymphology Days 2023 May 5th

The lymphology day for toddlers living with Lymphœdema and their parents will be held on Monday, June 5, 2023 at the Primary Lymphœdema CRMR of Saint-Eloi Hospital (Montpellier University Hospital). This day completes the lymphology days for children and young people which were held the last 15 and 16 of May.

Through multidisciplinary consultations, a group session with a clinical psychologist and many exchanges between parents and professionals, this day aim to answer parent’s questions and concerns about Lymphoedema and to create links between families. Parents will be able to meet the AVML patients support group volunteers during lunch time.

This day will be run by the medical and paramedical team of lymphology: Pr Isabelle Quéré, Dr Salma Adham, Dr Murielle Guenebaud-Benhamou and Dr Sandrine Mestre-Godin; the clinical psychologist Anaïs Forestier; the physiotherapists Maria de los Santos Donoso-Izquierdo, Patricia Marquez-Cardenas and Ana Santos; and the lympho-therapists Géraldine Davidou and Agnès Blanc.

This lymphology day is part of health-care system organization focus on the needs of children living with Lymphœdema and their families, coordinated by the Montpellier Reference Center for Rare Vascular and Lymphatic Diseases, AVML patient support group, and the Partenariat Français du Lymphœdème (ILF French partner).

Find out more about these actions on the PFL website:

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