Date: 30 November 2021

Genital Oedema Supplement now online

This Journal of Wound Care supplement on genital lymphoedema addresses the under-reporting of genital oedema by using a holistic framework through three papers written by authors from five different parts of the world and presenting research from different professions working in varied specialist areas. The first paper describes five cases of male genital lymphoedema and allows the authors to compare the different approaches to assessment and treatment that they are using. This is particularly valuable at present due to the dearth of evidence-based protocols to inform practice (article 1 of this supplement). The second paper reports on a survey to investigate the education requirements of health professionals working with patients with genital lymphoedema. Respondents from 31 countries completed the survey which allowed an exploration of what they thought was the best way to manage these patients and the developments that should be focused on to improve care (article 2 of this supplement). The aim of the final article was to explore the contextual factors surrounding the treatment of patients with genital oedema, how these affect the education requirements of lymphoedema professionals and what developments might be designed and implemented to support both the health professional and patient.
Overall, the supplement encompasses identification of the needs and barriers to be
overcome to improve the diagnosis of genital lymphoedema and its management.
The Genital Oedema supplement is published with open access. Registration is required. 
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