Date: 10 June 2021

7th ILF Webinar: COVID-19 impact on lymphoedema clinics

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a world-wide health crisis and has affected clinics throughout the world. How did lymphoedema services and wound clinics function during corona lockdown? This question will be discussed at the next ILF Webinar from a Welsh and a French perspective. Drs Melanie Thomas and Rhian Noble-Jones will present the research they have done over COVID-19 in Wales and how they changed format using LYMPROM and virtual means to ensure patients were supported. Furthermore, Dr Sandrine Mestre Godin will talk about how the COVID-19 situation in France has affected the centres in lymphology in regard to access to diagnosis and treatment, request for vaccination and impact on education programmes. Registration is now open. See more webinars.

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