Date: 14 August 2023

LYMPHO News August 2023

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Dear friends,

We are pleased to welcome you to the August 2023 ILF newsletter. This summer (if you are in the Northern hemisphere) has been complicated by very high temperatures and the threat of fires. How difficult this must be for people living with lymphoedema, needing to wear compression and having to deal with the heat too. All the more reason for us to work together as a unified group of patients, medics, therapists, academics, and industry to create a stronger impact and encourage positive change for individuals living with lymphoedema. Work is ongoing, with research looking at new and novel ideas, but it takes time and money. Sadly, there are still many purse-holders who do not see the need. We have evidence, but need more. Can you help us in this? Please let us know what is happening in your village, town, state, or country to help ensure that people know about the reality of lymphoedema.

Do let us know your news, so that we can share it internationally through this newsletter.

With best wishes from
Christine Moffatt CBE and the ILF Board of Directors

International updates

European patient organizations unite to put compression #UnderPressure

In 2020, 24 patient associations from across Europe came together to create and co-sign a manifesto outlining the challenges, wishes and needs for those living with lymphedema. The year after, a smaller group of patient associations decided to work on a campaign for World Lymphedema Day highlighting the one thing lymphedema patients all have in common — compression garments. It was decided to put compression #UnderPressure. A website has been launched dedicated to informing patients and carers about compression garments. Despite national borders, cultural and linguistic differences we are united for the benefit of the patients, we are stronger together —


Canadian Lymphedema Framework

Did you know? The Canadian Lymphedema Framework publishes a quarterly magazine, Pathways. Our publication addresses the need for lymphedema awareness and education among patients, those at risk, and health professionals. Contributors to Pathways include dedicated opinion experts in the field of lymphedema who help advance topics that address the critical issue of lymphedema care. Learn more about Pathways and subscribe at

We welcome and encourage the lymphedema community to send us ideas for themes, topics, and authors that they would like to see featured in Pathways. We also invite submissions for consideration by our editorial board for publication in a future issue. Learn more about our regular columns and contributor guidelines here: Contact us at:

And, to hear more about what our international frameworks are doing worldwide, just click here

Industry support

The work of the ILF would not be possible without industry support. We thank the ILF Industry Partners for their continued engagement and support.

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