A dedicated platform for the lymphoedema community

Strategy – Vision – Mission

Our vision: 

Creating a better everyday life for people worldwide living with lymphoedema and related disorders.

Our mission:

We work in partnership with the National Lymphoedema Frameworks to improve the life’s of people living with lymphoedema and related disorders.

Our beliefs:

  • We value the knowledge and experience of people living with lymphoedema
  • Compassion
  • Care
  • We are passionate about changing the life’s of people living with lymphoedema
  • Drive / Dynamic
  • Power: We are stronger together than separate
  • Inspiration
  • Courage
  • Value-based.

Our goals:

  • To increase awareness by raising the profile of lymphoedema
  • To increase knowledge about lymphoedema by initiating and/or contributing to research programmes
  • To disseminate this knowledge by implementing an international, not-for-profit publications strategy
  • To increase understanding of lymphoedema and its management by creating and/or contributing to the development of education programmes
  • To promote and facilitate international collaboration
  • To provide a cross cultural networking platform through an annual international event where all stakeholders will have the opportunity to contribute and influence the ILF agenda
  • To promote and document best practice with the development of an international minimum dataset
  • To facilitate and/or contribute to better access to treatment for patients worldwide
  • To promote and support initiatives whose goals are to improve the national/regional/local management of lymphoedema anywhere in the world
  • To help the healthcare industry understand the real needs of patients and practitioners, and develop and evaluate diagnostic tools and treatments.

ILF mIssion statements