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Service Collaboration to Improve Ulcer Care

The Service Collaboration to Improve Ulcer Care is the trail-blazing national NHS conference. It takes place on Tuesday 24 September 2019 in Birmingham and will focus on developing standardisation across wound care services.

The understanding of ulcer care to bridge the gap between community and acute services, reduce variability and increase accessibility. Throughout this unique day, participants will share best practice and workable ideas for tackling variation, improving time to heal and reducing amputations.

Professor Christine Moffatt, Chair of the ILF Board of Directors, willl be presenting her view on “Enabling a national wound care strategy: establishing priorities for lower limb ulceration”:

  •   Enhancing MDT collaboration across community and acute services for the treatment of leg ulceration
  •   Improving outcomes for leg ulcer patients: exploring role of vascular intervention
  •   Bringing different organisations together to build a national wound care model

See the full conference programme here