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Legs Matter Week 2020

Legs Matter is a UK based organisation whose aim is to ‘increase awareness, understanding, and action on lower leg and foot conditions among the public and health care professionals in the UK.’ They understand that:

  1. Non-healing wounds of the leg and foot are one of the biggest health challenges of our time but it is a challenge that can be solved
  2. Everyone has a right to good-quality lower leg and foot care that promotes healing and reduces the risk of harm
  3. We need to improve awareness, understanding and treatment of lower leg and foot conditions
  4. We can achieve more by working together than we can by working alone’.

The International Lymphoedema Framework completely supports and encourages the work Legs Matter do as we try to improve the care of the many people in the UK and worldwide with conditions affecting the lower legs and feet.

Legs Matter Week will be celebrated from 12th – 16th October 2020 with exciting activities planned on-line.

Find out more at: www.legsmatter.org