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Journal of Lymphoedema June 2019 issue

The June 2019 issue of the Journal of Lymphoedema was launched today at the 9th International Lymphoedema Framework Conference in Chicago, USA.

This issue presents four articles related to research and practice of lymphopedema treatment:

Anne Williams: “A review of the literature relating to liposuction in women with lipoedema and Dercum’s disease”

L Darragh, E McGuinness and SJ Kirk: “The utilisation of prospective surveillance with bioelectrical impedance for early detection and instigation of treatment for breast cancer-related lymphoedema”

M van Zanten, K Riches, V Keeley, P Mortimer, T Ryan, S Mansour and S Narahari: “A diagnostic dilemma: aetiological diagnosis of lymphoedema patients at an Indian multidisciplinary meeting”

Tracy Green, Luke Parkinson, Giovani Mosti, BB Lee and Neil Piller: “Feeling the pressure: how can we be sure we are getting it right?”

Neil Piller has provided the editorial on “Obesity, inflammation, diet, gut microbes, and lymphatic system communications with the brain”.

Free print copies are available at the IlF 2019 conference. In late June, an extended digital version will be online available at the www.lympho.org

Previous issues are freely available at https://www.woundsinternational.com/journals/all-issues/journal-of-lymphoedema