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Journal of Lymphoedema 2019 issue now online

The 2019 issue of the Journal of Lymphoedema is now available in full online.

Highlighted features in this issue:

In his editorial, Neil Piller discusses obesity, inflammation, diet, gut microbes and lymphatic system communications with the brain. Read more

Meanwhile, Anne Williams reports on a review of the literature on liposuction for women with lipoedema and those with Dercum’s disease. Read more

Meadbh Mac Sweeney and Colette Cunningham present a unique study and a first for lymphedema services in the Republic of Ireland designed to identify and develop key performance indicators (KPIs) for lymphoedema services in Ireland, using a classic Delphi Technique as relevant national KPIs do not exist currently. Read more

Neil Piller also initiated a debate entitled ‘Feeling the pressure: how can we be sure we are getting it right?’, involving the contributions of Tracy Green, Luke Parkinson, Giovani Mosti and BB Lee. Read more

If you attended the 9th International Lymphoedema Framework Conference in Chicago, USA, between June 13-15, 2019, which was co-hosted by the American Lymphedema Framework Project, complimentary copies of a streamlined version of the journal were made available to delegates. We would like to acknowledge and thank 3M and Essity for their kind sponsorship, which made this printed version of the Journal of Lymphoedema possible.

The Journal of Lymphoedema is affiliated with the International Lymphoedema Framework. The Journal of Lymphoedema is the essential lymphoedema management resource for clinicians worldwide. The journal is published on an open-access global website dedicated to providing free-to-download, peer-reviewed, information and education specifically on lymphoedema.

If you are interested in contributing to the journal and wish to discuss your idea with the editor, Adam Bushby, please email him at: abushby@omniamed.com