What we stand for​
At JOBST®, we believe in standing up to lipedema and lymphedema, and breaking the stigmas surrounding them to enable patients to live their lives free from both physical and emotional discomfort. ​

We provide expert compression therapy solutions to help you provide your patients with the very best care. Our solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of your patients. With our wealth of knowledge, insights, and experience, we develop innovative products to alleviate the weight of physical and emotional discomfort for everybody. Let’s defy gravity together. 

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Medical education by JOBST​
JOBST believes that medical education is a key pillar to better treatment and support of your patients. Therefore, we created a gold standard education platform with a diverse selection of therapy areas and learning styles offering accredited training for healthcare professionals:

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  • Lymphoedema (lymphatic system, definition of lymphoedema, diagnosis, treatment)
  • Lipoedema (definition of lipoedema, diagnosis & symptoms, lipoedema treatment)
  • Venous conditions (venous system, definitions (CVD, DVT), diagnosis, prevention , treatment)


Scientific research supported by JOBST (Essity)
We continously support the generation of evidence by investing into clinical research:

Compression therapy for lymphoedema Compression therapy for the night Compression therapy for Lipoedema