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ILF-COM survey closing with over 8,000 responders in 60 countries worldwide

The ILF-COM survey is now closed with more than 8,000 responders from 60 countries all over the world. Our sincere thank to our frameworks and industry partners for sharing the survey and to all the patients and health practitioners who have contributed to the survey.

Each of the frameworks will receive their own data and other countries data will be analysed as a whole. Project leads, Susan Norregaard and Christine Moffatt, will do an overall assessment of the results. This will be presented at the ILF Conference in Chicago in June 2019 along with the individual country results presented as posters.

Two meetings have been arranged during the ILF 2019 Conference for invited members to attend so we can begin to look at how it might be possible to set standards for the outcome of treatment for chronic oedema.

More information about ILF-COM is available here.