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ILF awarded Most Progressive Society at JWC WUWHS Awards

We are very proud that the ILF was announced as winner of the Most Progressive Society Award at this year’s JWC WUWHS Awards (joint with the World Council of Enterostomal Therapists). This special recognition of ILF’s work to improve the management and treatment of lymphoedema and related disorders all over the world is highly appreciated.

The award builds on some of the achivements of the ILF:


The ILF has undertaken the first international epidemiology study to define the size and impact within health services (LIMPRINT) in 9 countries with 41 sites. In summary, patients are found throughout the health care system with studies in Europe showing that 38% of hospital inpatients suffer with chronic oedema.

The combined evidence from this study would indicate the profile of patients is much higher than realized with important complications such as cellulities in a third of the patients. The LIMPRINT study also identified that patients suffer reduced quality of life thus reinforcing the need for a widening in outcome measures for this complex patient group. Read more.

  • International Children’s Camps and Research

The ILF supports children with lymphoedema and their families in several ways. The latest international camp was held in Turin, Italy, (2017) which aimed to provide an education programme and support families. Research on the challenges of self-management was undertaken and has been published. Read more.

  • International approach to developing outcome measures

In 2019, the ILF began working on outcome measures for chronic oedema and related disorders. An international survey with 8014 responses from 61 countries was reported as the first step in this important project. Read more.