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ILF 2021 Conference: New dates 18-20 November 2021

The ILF has – in collaboration with the Danish Wound Healing Society (DSWS) and the Danish Lymphoedema Framework (DNL/DLF) – decided to reschedule the 10th International Lymphoedema Framework conference to Thursday 18 November to Saturday 20 November 2021. The venue remains The Hangar at Comfort Hotel Copenhagen Airport, Copenhagen, Denmark.

The corona pandemic is still restricting most travel and face-to-face conferences globally. Clinicians and other health care staff are in particular affected as they are in most countries facing a heavy workload as well as restrictions on participation in scientific conferences etc. The boards of the ILF, DSWS and DNL/DLF find that at this stage a postponement is the best option available to envision a successful conference with the expected number of participants, sharing of experiences and networking between representatives from all over the World as well as, obviously, to guarantee the safety all conference participants including patients.

The boards of the three organisations are encouraged by the recently announced expectations of vaccine(s) becoming available during the first or second quarter of 2021. The board members expect that the situation will improve during 2021 and have therefore taken the decision to move the conference as they are positive that a conference of minimum 500 participants including health care professionals and patients as originally expected will be possible towards the end of 2021.

We will work hard to plan and offer an attractive and memorable conference for the lymphoedema and wound care communities on the 18 – 20 November 2021. We will keep the topics already announced and will announce the preliminary scientific programme as soon as possible.

On behalf of the conference organising and scientific committees,

Susan Bermark (DSFS chair), Tonny Karlsmark (DNL/DLF chair) and Christine Moffatt (ILF chair)

More information is available at the conference website: www.2021ilfconference.org