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How International Lymphoedema Framework guidelines can change your practice

What are the clinical practice guidelines and why should we use them? An article in the fall edition of the Canadian Lymphedema Framework publication Pathways highlights ILF’s position documents on clinical practice guidelines for the management of lymphoedema.

What criteria should I be using in my assessment of new patients? How do I know when it is most appropriate to suggest a patient transition from intensive therapy to long term self management? Are my decisions and actions in line with what is considered best practice in the management of lymphedema? If lymphedema therapists have a question, where can they turn for reliable advice amongst the many sources and sites available through the internet?

Read why The Education Working Group of the Canadian Lymphedema Framework suggests consulting the series of freely available documents published by the International Lymphoedema Framework (ILF) to help answer these questions and many others. Download the article here.