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Genital Lymphoedema

Genital Lymphoedema – what are the education needs of health professionals

Genital oedema is a complicated condition that can cause physical, psychological and social impact. From prior research, we know that lymphoedema professionals do not fully appreciate the impact of the condition and have unmet educational requirements. This ILF education project is aiming to further understand the educational needs and tools that we should be developing, from both patients’ and professionals’ perspectives.

During autumn 2019, an international survey was conducted. The purpose of the survey was to gather information about the education or training need of health professionals who treat genital lymphoedema.

The results will be developed into numerous articles and an E-learning genital oedema module.

Genital lymphoedema videos

A number of educational videos have been created. Find more details here.

The genital oedema project is a partnership between:

Lymphoedema Network Wales and International Lymphoedema Framework

This project in funded by charity Tenovus Cancer Care.