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DAY 3: Lymphoedema Awareness Week 2021


It’s the third day of the Lymphoedema Awareness Week 2021! Every day during this week, the ILF is focusing on the national frameworks and their work with lymphoedema around the world. Today, you can read more about the frameworks in Greece, Ireland, Canada, Denmark and France:


GREECE: Greek Lymphoedema Framework

As with France the Greek Framework has been part of the ILF since quite early on in ILF’s life. They have been present at many of our conferences held throughout the world and are valued members of our community.


IRELAND: National Lymphoedema Framework Ireland (NLFI)

The mission statement of the NLFI is dedicated to advocating for the improvement of lymphoedema care for patients in Ireland, in line with International Best Practice Guidelines as advocated by the ILF.
The NLFI Steering Group aims are to engage with the appropriate members/stakeholders, government, health care organisations and patient advocacy groups in order to support the development of a strategy for lymphoedema services in the Irish Republic and to promote and support the establishment of a clinical pathway for management of lymphoedema in the best interest of patient care.

NLFI has been a national framework since 2015.

For more information on the National Lymphoedema Framework Ireland, visit their website


ITALY: Italian Lymphoedema Framework (ITALF)

Generally, in Italy, the patient is referred to the National Health Service.

The ITALF has obtained the inclusion of primary Lymphoedema among rare diseases and, as such, patients receive a reserved code which allows them to be exempt from the cost of most clinical and instrumental diagnostics.

ITALF has also obtained the elasticated garments supplied by the public health service for both primary and secondary forms of lymphoedema.

At present the ITALF is applying for the supply of bandaging materials from the Ministry of Health for the physical treatment of both primary and secondary forms of lymphoedema.

The ITALF is also asking for lipoedema to be included in the Levels of essential assistance (public health service) in virtue of the fact that the Italian group discovered the first gene responsible for the disease.

An agreement with the public health service  allows the most serious and complex cases to be hospitalised for up to three or four weeks for a rehabilitative cycle completely free of charge for the patient.

Finally, the ITALF has asked the Italian pharmaceutical agency (AIFA), and is awaiting their reply, to abolish the cost of contribution to the cost of the supply of penicillin delay in the cases of recurrent lymphangitis.

For more information on the Italian Lymphoedema Framework, visit their website



ILFJ is a very active organisation both in terms of the large amounts of research that they do and research papers they produce but also in the conferences they organise and the ILF conferences they attend and speak at. Several members of the ILF Board of Directors have visited Japan at the request of the University of Tokyo to teach on courses. Students and Staff from Tokyo have attended the Summer School in Nottingham, UK of which the ILF was an organiser. Tokyo also organised one of the Summer Schools in Tokyo.

Professor Hiromi Sanada is an Honorary Trustee of the ILF.

More information about ILFJ can be found here: ILF Japan website and Facebook