A dedicated platform for the lymphoedema community

Code of Conduct


Respectful treatment of individuals among national lymphoedema frameworks encourages openness and innovation and promotes the work and values of the ILF. Treating people with courtesy, honesty and fairness includes respecting the different cultures, values and beliefs of those in other frameworks and valuing the individual and collective contributions of each entity.


Sustainable and professional relationships depend on mutual trust among colleagues. National frameworks work in an environment of trust that their contributions are valued, respected and acknowledged among their peers with the appropriate credits given accordingly. There is confidence that each framework has unique contributions but will also work collectively toward global ILF goals and projects.


Making fair and transparent decisions within national frameworks maintains the spirit and ethics of the ILF and avoids conflict or behavior that could affect the credibility of the ILF with industry, government and other stakeholders. A strive for excellence in all their work with honesty, professionalism and a commitment to continually raise the standards for quality care around the globe.


The synergy of individual national frameworks sharing their knowledge to support the set up and work of other national lymphedema frameworks, while promoting and facilitating the work of the ILF, will strengthen the global lymphedema community. Collaboration among national frameworks includes freely sharing of ideas, processes and documents.