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Becoming a National Framework

Lymphoedema Frameworks coverThe International Lymphoedema Framework (ILF) welcomes enquiries from groups who are interested in developing a National Lymphoedema Framework (NLF) in their own country. We encourage the review of the ILF publication ‘Lymphoedema Frameworks – The Way Forward‘ before submitting an expression of interest for consideration by the ILF Board of Directors. Please email us at contact@lympho.org to discuss setting up an NLF in your country. Once approved, an ILF board member will be assigned to mentor you through the formal process of application, the establishment of your stakeholder group and requirements for use of the ILF brand and logo. Your mentor will continue his/her assignment with you as a formal link to the ILF board.

To become a National Lymphoedema Framework, applicants must enter an agreement, the purpose of which is to support collaboration and co-operation to achieve shared goals within individual countries and worldwide. The applicants also must meet the following criteria:

  • Comprises a group of stakeholders dedicated to improving lymphoedema care in their country
  • Has a structured organisation through an executive committee
  • Does not operate for profit
  • Agrees to uphold the philosophy of the ILF to put patients at the heart of any activities
  • Is committed to collaborate in multidisciplinary partnerships between all stakeholders in their country
  • Agrees to support the missions of the ILF
  • Agrees to abide by the ILF’s Code of Conduct
  • Accepts that the Agreement is not intended to effect any change in ownership and rights of the parties respecting intellectual property. Each party will retain its own Intellectual Property Rights in respect of any literature, materials, outputs of research or activities undertaken prior to the agreement. Ownership of any such material generated through activities as part of the Agreement shall be expressly set out in advance of the activity
  • Agrees under additional specific agreement to contribute to specific initiatives, e.g. new document development, dataset work or research projects

Requirements and Entitlements

On becoming an NLF, you will be required to:

  • Submit an annual report about activities and achievements
  • Engage with national lymphoedema framework leads groups
  • Participate in at least one ILF working group or project
  • Contribute when appropriate and when invited to the various ILF Best Practice/Templates for practice documents
  • Contribute to/participate when invited in ILF Projects and initiatives
  • Identify and map all Lymphoedema Practitioners in their country to inform the global lymphoedema picture
  • Encourage Lymphoedema Practitioners to become affiliated to the ILF
  • Carry out, when appropriate, the ILF Practice Survey in their country
  • Keep ILF appraised of new developments and issues in their country
  • Provide one free delegate place to a representative of the ILF Board and free information display area at any conferences held in their name
  • Provide a link to ILF web pages on their website (if one exists) and promote ILF resources and events

As an NLF, you will be entitled to:

  • Free information display area at ILF Conferences
  • ILF advice in the set-up, implementation, and management of your Framework
  • ILF support for publications, organisation of events, and other activities
  • A weblink on the ILF website
  • One free delegate place at ILF conferences. The delegate would be expected to be available on the display space (if that option is taken up) for most of the congress time
  • Should their own data collection policy allow, NLFs will have the ability to have their members registered in ILF’s Email database which allow them to receive directly:
    • ILF’s quarterly e-newsletter
    • Updates on general ILF activities
    • Updates on Research directions
    • Calls for contributions to projects, publications and research

The first step is to submit your expression of interest for consideration to: contact@lympho.org