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A message from a lymphoedema patient: ILF conference made impact on my lymphoedema journey

A few people have asked me how specifically the ILF conference had an impact on my lymphoedema journey. It was a combination of things that made the light in my lymphoedema brain turn on. One of them was the presentation on the LIMPRINT study results and it just hits you with how many people out there suffers with the same condition. But also that there are some clinicians who work with such enthusiasm and dedication to raise awareness with the public, their peers and the patients themselves.

The results from this kind of research will both encourage the industry to take on the LE beast and provide new innovative solutions for us and for policy makers to realise the scale of the problem. And then I just sat there and thought….what have I been doing? What have I, who actually have lymphoedema been doing all these years? That was really a wake up call for me.

Pernille Henriksen, Consult Henriksen
Lymphoedema patient attending ILF 2018 in Rotterdam 6 – 9 June 2018