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First Turkish lymphoedema congress 11 – 13 October in Istanbul

The first Turkish lymphoedema congress will be held between 11 – 13 October 2019 in İstanbul, Turkey. The first two days there will be panels related with all aspects of lymphedema and the last day, workshops will be held on topics including; upper and lower extremity lymphedema, kinesiological bandaging in lymphedema, wound care and diagnostic ultrasound in lymphedema.

The congress is organised by the Anatolian Lymphedema Association (ALA). ALA was formed in 2014 by a multidisciplinary approach bridging the health professionnals with patients. ALA has organised many educational courses, workshops, national and international symposiums for both health profesionnals and patients, since the establishment. This year the ALA is excited to announce the first multidisciplinary congress with international participants. It is the hope of the organisers that this first Turkish Congress will develop and strengthen international support and contributions on the field of lymphoedem.

On behalf of the Organising Committee, Pinar Borman MD Professor of PMR and Figen Ayhan MD Professor of PMR, state:

“Lymphoedema is an incurable, debilitating and progressive condition, characterised by persisted swelling of one or more parts of the body, due to impaired lymph transport. It is a major healthcare problem in both developed and non-developed countries, due to its long-term physical and psychosocial consequences for the patient, if left untreated. The increased awareness and medical expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of this condition, made this condition more  common in recent years. But there is an unmet need for the comprehensive knowledge about the pathophysiology, epidemiology, and diagnostic and preventive measures, as well as therapeutic approaches of lymphoedema.

We wish to be together in İstanbul, to share knowledges and experiences about lymphedema in order to reach current evidence-based diagnostic and treatment approaches, as well as to enhance daignostic and therapeutic skills in the workshops.”

More details are available here: http://lenfodem2019.org/en/

ALA is the official Turkish national lymphoedema framework of the ILF.