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Notice of Changes in the ILF Board of Directors

Changes in the ILF Board of Directors

Two board members have recently stepped down from the ILF Board of Directors. We thank them all for their tremendous contributions and wish them success in their future endeavours:

Prof. Neil Piller (Australia) is a  Lymphologist and the Director of the Lymphoedema Clinical Research Unit in the Department of Surgery, School of Medicine at Flinders University, South Australia. He is Advanced Studies Coordinator in the MD program. Neil is a prior executive member of the International Society for Lymphology, currently Clinical Sciences editor for the “Journal of Lymphoedema” (UK), Australasian Editor or the Journal of Lymphatic research and Biology (USA) and a member of the editorial boards of “Phlebology” (USA) and “Lymphology” (USA).
Neil stepped down from the position as co-chair of the ILF Board of Directors as from June 2018.

Anna Kennedy (Canada) is a Founding Director of the Canadian Lymphedema Framework and provides leadership in her role as both the CLF’s Executive Director and Editor of Pathways – Canada`s lymphedema magazine. As a cancer survivor, living with lymphoedema, Anna has been advocating for healthy living and a positive attitude to help manage her life-long condition.
She was appointed in 2012 to the Board of the International Lymphoedema Framework and since 2015 has been serving in her role on the ILF Executive Committee as Executive Secretary. Her latest endeavor for the ILF was as the lead organiser of the ILF 2019 Conference in Chicago, USA.
Anna stepped down from the ILF Board in November 2018.

The ILF warmly welcomes two new members to its Board of Directors:

Ellen Collard (United Kingdom) has congenital multi-segmental primary lymphoedema with systemic involvement. Growing up with her condition she felt isolated and struggled to accept her condition. After undergoing successful and intensive treatment, she felt enabled to manage her lymphoedema better and learn to finally accept her lymphoedema diagnosis.  She firmly believes in the importance of supporting confidence, acceptance and self-management techniques within the lymphoedema community.
Ellen joined the ILF Board of Directors in June 2019 as a patient representative.

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Martina Sykorova (Czech Republic/United Kingdom) is a doctoral researcher at the School of Health Sciences, University of Nottingham, UK. Prior to starting her PhD she worked as a research associate on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership project that looked into current issues in wound care within Nottinghamshire, UK.
Her PhD aims to identify enablers and barriers to a successful chronic oedema & wet legs care pathway implementation in the community. Martina has worked on several LIMPRINT and other health-related research projects as a part-time researcher in the UK and Denmark.
Martina joined the ILF Board of Directors as a Young Researcher Member in June 2019.

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