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Two new national frameworks join the ILF

It is a pleasure to announce that the ILF has recently welcomed two new national lymphoedema frameworks: Lymphoedema Association of South Africa and Swiss Lymphoedema Framework. The ILF is looking forward to support the nationally work of the frameworks as a part of the objective of improving managment of lymphoedema and related disorders worldwide.

Lymphoedema Association of South Africa

Lymphoedema Association of South Africa (LAOSA) is a South African non-profit organisation for professional individuals interested in lymphoedema treatment, as well as research and training in lymphology and lymphoedema.

The mission is to be a collaborative association which strives to promote quality lymphoedema management, education, awareness and research in South Africa.

LAOSA works to promote access to complete Lymphoedema care in the public and private healthcare sectors. It provides the public, medical colleagues and third party payors with a National Practice Register of those qualified to treat lymphoedema in order to ensure standards of care in the field of lymphoedema are upheld. LAOSA engages with medical aids and third party payors to improve the reimbursement for treatment.

Further information about LAOSA is available here: https://www.laosa.co.za/

Swiss Lymphoedema Framework

The Swiss Lymphoedema Framework (SLF) is an umbrella organisation for all professional groups that are involved in the diagnosis and treatment of lymphoedema and lipoedema. This includes also organizations that represent the interests of patients.

The goal of the SLF is to improve the quality of treatment of chronic oedema diseases. The framework provides a platform for the development of interdisciplinary guidelines. Thereby, it intends to provide a common basis for the comprehensive expansion of offerings in the field of lymphology.

The framework strives to be a strong political voice and to support patients in finding the most effective care. As an umbrella organization, it wants to support and strengthen the different professional organisations.

Further information about SLF is available here: https://swisslymph.ch/en/