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2012 – Montpellier

The International Lymphoedema Framework (ILF) in partnership with the Partenariat Français du Lymphoedème (PFL), the French Lymphoedema Framework, and Handicap International held its 4th Conference in Montpellier, France, in June 2012.

We would really like to thank the nearly 500 delegates (healthcare professionals, patients, researchers, and industry members) from 37 different countries who contributed to the success of this first bilingual event in our charity’s young history.

Participants at 2012 conference

In the spirit of ILF, the programme consisted in a mixture of plenary sessions, abstracts presentations, practical workshops and discussions led by more than 90 experts from around the world. Over 20 exhibitors provided new and innovative solutions for the diagnosis and management of lymphoedema.

Thuasne organised a Symposium entitled “Polit Study & Mobiderm” and the CNETH a Symposium on “Thermal medicine and lymphoedema.”

To complement the conference content, two new ILF publications were launched in Montpellier:

Running concurrently to the conference was the camp for children and young adults with lymphoedema, organized by the Montpellier University Hospital lymphoedema team and AVML, the patients association. The objectives of the camp were to:

  • develop a therapeutic education programme adapted to children
  • produce a first film on/for children with lymphoedema

Families from 4 different countries came together for a week filled with workshops, exchanges of experience and, more importantly, fun and laughter.

Please be aware that the ILF Children Project is funded by donations and that you can help us go further by making a donation today.

Handicap International and ILF also invited to Montpellier 40 field managers from Asian and African countries where lymphoedema is endemic. After a two-day pre-conference seminar discussing and exploring the challenges of managing lymphoedema with scarce resources they attended the conference to exchange knowledge and expertise with their colleagues from northern countries.

This meeting was particularly important for the French framework which has just started using a systematic approach to redefine the lymphoedema patient pathway in France and to tackle the issues of access to care and reimbursement.