A dedicated platform for the lymphoedema community

The ILF objective:

to improve the managment of lymphoedema
and related disorders worldwide


Children's Project

working with the Partenariat Français du Lymphoedème
to develop a structured therapeutic education program
for children and their families.


An international epidemiology study
aimed at capturing the size and impact
of chronic oedema in different countries
and health services across the world.


Lymphoedema Education Benchmarks (LEBS)

An ILF project developed by the Education Committee
aiming to ensure that all health professionals
understand lymphoedema.

A dedicated platform for the lymphoedema community

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belong together

Thanks for your assistance and all the work you have done and are doing to move lymphedema forward. As a mom with a young child with lymphedema, you have no idea how much your efforts mean to me.

Kim Avanthay, Canada
Kim Avanthay