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Research Framework Document


Research Framework Document

The ILF recognises the importance of research in fulfilling its mission to improve the care of patients with all forms of Lymphoedema and chronic oedema. In addition to undertaking primary research the ILF are committed to undertaking the following complementary activities:

  •  Synthesis and systematic reviews of the current international evidence base
  • Publication of the ILF Best Practice Document
  • Publication of specialist documents on priority topic areas
  • Presentation of newly emerging research at ILF international conferences
  • Development of educational standards and programmes

The Research Framework document describes the ILF research strategy and the governance procedures that underpin all research undertaken by the ILF. This document is based on international standards for research but does not comprehensively cover all of the issues and must be used with existing national and international legislation.

Download the ILF Research Framework Document  2016