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World Lymphoedema Day

Today, the 6 March, is World Lymphoedema Day.

Lymphoedema is not a rare disease but a massive public health problem and raising awareness on this topic is crucial.
We encourage all national lymphoedema frameworks and all of our affiliates to sign and share the Lymphatic Education and Research Network’s petition to the World Health Organization (WHO) asking that LYMPHEDEMA: AWARENESS AND CURES be the 2019 global health challenge initiative. Further information can be found here: https://lymphaticnetwork.org/wld/

The International Lymphoedema Framework (ILF) unites national frameworks all over the world, working together to raise awareness of lymphoedema through research and knowledge. Only a collaborative and multidisciplinary partnership between all lymphoedema communities and stakeholders, recognized as experts, can lead to an improvement in the management of lymphoedema.

Read about the ILF mission and actions here: https://www.lympho.org/

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