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LYMPHO News March 2021

Dear All,

March is the month in the Northern Hemisphere that heralds in spring. Spring brings with it a sense of refreshment and newness as the North wakes from the dullness of winter. It brings with it a sense of hope and it is with this hope, however tentative, that we are beginning to see in many places the positive effects of months of lockdown and the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out.

Many of us have struggled over the past year in ensuring that adequate and correct treatment could be given to and received by patients with Lymphoedema when the urgency has been dealing with the more acute problem of a pandemic.

But let us assure you that the ILF has continued to work with its National Frameworks and have continued to research the management of lymphoedema internationally. Earlier in March we presented on social media and our website some of the activities happening within these frameworks and put out an appeal for the Institute of Applied Dermatology in Kerala, India, whose work was coming to standstill through lack of funding partly because of the pandemic. And this in a country where filariasis is rife causing lymphoedema. Our thanks goes to all of you who felt able to contribute.

The ILF Webinars have proved very popular and will continue. You can find out about the upcoming one in this newsletter.

We have further news of the Children’s Quality of Life Study which is finding its way around the world. Recently we have had responses from Brazil and Nigeria. We intend this study to stay open for most of 2021.

We very much hope you are considering coming to the ILF Conference in Copenhagen from 18 – 20 November 2021. A full and interesting programme is planned – and networking with each other will be an essential.

With greetings to you all,

Christine Moffatt,
on behalf of the ILF Board of Directors

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