A dedicated platform for the lymphoedema community

Industry Partners

The International Lymphoedema Framework was established as a charity in 2009 and, thanks to the generous support of our historical sponsors, has grown to where we are today. Following the success of our international conferences and the establishment of National Lymphoedema Frameworks around the world, we are eager to maintain, develop and improve our relationships with Industry.

Some critics may view a model of Industry Partnership with suspicion, but we believe it is an important part of advancing our knowledge, exploring what is needed to improve lymphoedema management and gaining better outcomes for all.

Our vision has always been to bring the lymphoedema community (patients, practitioners, researchers, industry members, public and private healthcare groups, government agencies and others) together to work towards improved management of lymphoedema and related disorders in developed and developing countries.

To achieve our objectives, we need individuals, local and national lymphoedema organisations, patient associations, clinical treatment and academic centres, plus companies to belong together so we have unified strength in facilitating change.

We are grateful to the following ILF Industry Partners who are helping us drive transformational change for those affected by lymphatic diseases.